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Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Apr. 20, 2017

Stepping out side of the box and creating from that point of view will always achieve some very interesting results; lets take Low Roar as an example. He is a singer songwriter, who is originally from San Francisco but stepped outside the box so far that he ended up in Iceland! In all fairness, his music is very interesting and ambient, altogether out of the ordinary, but it is of course intriguing at the same time! He takes to the stage this evening to perform music from his self-titled debut album. The atmosphere is quite thin, but it musically he paints a picture of his Icelandic surroundings day to day, and when he performs live he invites this audience into this crazy world that he decided to step into. Each song has some drone like qualities, all of which making a pretty big impression on the audience who soak it up, in a very quiet and tentative way. “Just A Habit” is one of the most interesting songs, with the choice of sounds that he uses on his guitar and keyboard.

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