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Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Apr. 29, 2017

Pond are a psychedelic rock band hailing from Perth, Australia. The core members are Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson and Joseph Ryan, who formed in 2008 to make whatever music they wanted to make with whoever they wanted to make it with.
This is a band for whom horizons are meaningless. It’s not even entirely accurate to call them a band, since the members of the band past the core trio are so numerous and fleeting that it’s more accurate to call them a collective. One fuelled by camaraderie, creative spirit and copious amounts of psychedelics.

Two of the core trio haven’t even full time members of the band for the length of time they’ve been together. Pond are arguably the sister group of Tame Impala, since Watson was practically a founding member of them, who still drums with them to this day. Allbrook was also a member of Kevin Parker’s band until 2013, when he quit in order to continue focusing on Pond.

However, Pond had already been together for two years when Tame Impala’s “Innerspeaker” album was released and the attention levelled on Kevin Parker’s band also found its way to Allbrook, Watson and Ryan’s band as well.

They’d used their time constructively, since in those two years they’d written, recorded and released three albums, January 2009’s “Psychedelic Mango”, June 2009’s “Corridors of Blissterday” and May 2010’s “Frond”. 2010 also saw the recording of their breakthrough album “Beard, Wives, Denim”, but the album wouldn’t see release until 2012.

With that album’s release the NME named them “The Hottest New Band In The World” and in terms of activity it’s hard to disagree. They’ve since released another album, 2013’s “Hobo Rocket” and become one of the most acclaimed live acts in the world.

Any rock fan should seek out this band for whom the sky’s the limit, they’re nearing the top of their game, and look set to be something very special indeed.

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