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The Imperial, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May. 04, 2017

Gregory Alan Isakov is an indie folk artist whose music captures America’s scenic ruralism and working class ethos. His style can be gritty and reminiscent of the tortured desolateness heard from Woody Guthrie, but it can also be reflective and calming like the music of his contemporary Iron and Wine.
Though Isakov was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, he moved to the United States at a very young age and spent the majority of his childhood growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He got an early start in the music industry and started touring with a band when he was only 16. Later in his career Isakov moved to Colorado and started producing solo material. He drew inspirations from a diverse range of artists including delta-blues revivalist/ jazz aficionado Kelly Joe Phelps, evocative gypsy poet and acclaimed folk artist Leonard Cohen, and heartland rock sensation Bruce Springsteen.

Isakov takes musical ideas from a variety of sources, both musically and experiential; however he never comes off sounding redundant or like a simulation of one of his musical idols. He has honed in on a sound uniquely his own. It is weathered, spacious and filled with transformative moods. His music can create an atmosphere in the same vein as pioneering delta blues musician’s like Son House and it can just as likely channel in the slowcore minimalism of artists like Mark Kozelek.

Isakov’ first solo effort “Rust Colored Stones” came out in 2003 and was followed up two years later with “Songs for October”. In 2007 Isakov released his third full length “That Sea, The Gambler”. That same year he won the Westword competition for Best Singer/Songwritter as well as the Telluride Competition. “The Empty Northern Hemisphere” came out in 2009 and helped him gain a cult following along with wider publicity as his song “Big Black Car” was featured in a 2012 McDonald’s commercial. Isakov was signed on to Suitcase Town Music and in 2013 he released his heavily anticipated 5th album “The Weatherman”.

Gregory Alan Isakov has been on multiple tours across the US and other cities outside the country. He garnered a positive reputation for himself with his 2009 tour in support for his “The Empty Northern Hemisphere” album. He was accompanied by Brandi Carlile who also contributed to the album. Isakov’s work has also made appearances on several soundtracks such as “Ride the Devine”, “Where the Yellowstone Goes”, and the wildly successful TV program “Veronica Mars”.

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