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The Imperial, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May. 08, 2017

Thurston Moore is an American musician and singer-songwriter from Florida. Born in 1958, Thurston Moore is best known for his involvement with the band Sonic Youth.
Thurston Moore formed the band Sonic Youth with his ex-wife Kim Gordon in 1981. The band released 16 studio albums, with the 1992 album "Dirty" reaching the number one spot on the UK album charts. After multiple successful albums the band split up in 2011.

While performing with Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore also worked on his own solo projects and has released four solo albums between 1995 and 2014: “Psychic Hearts”, “Trees Outside the Academy”, “Demolished Thoughts” and “The Best Day”.

Never one to stop working, Thurston Moore has also released collaborative tracks with a host of other artists including Maryanne Amacher, DJ Spooky, William Hooker, Daniel Carter, Yamantaka Eye, Chris Corsano and Yoko Ono. Moore’s work with Yoko Ono was actually a collaborative project between himself, his wife, Kim Gordon – also a member of Sonic Youth – and Yoko Ono. The album, entitled “Yokokimthurston” was released in 2012.

Moore has also been invited to work on multiple film soundtracks, such as “Backbeat”, “Velvet Goldmine”, “Heavy”, “Bully”, and “Manic”. His work has also been featured in television shows such as “Gossip Girl” and various documentaries.

A lover of the business as well as the art of music making, Thurston Moore owns his own record label where he works with multiple artists. Moore also writes for various magazines and other publications.

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