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Rio Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May. 15, 2017

Ron Sexsmith (born January 8, 1964) is a critically acclaimed Canadian songwriter and vocalist, known for his candid intimacy and high-profile admirers, hailing from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
By the age of 17 Sexsmith was playing regularly in a local bar in St. Catharines, Ontario, however, formed his first band three years before that at the age of 14. Raised in the area surrounding Niagara Falls, the singer-songwriter soon made a name for himself as the “One-Man Jukebox” being able to play a host of requests yelled at him from the audience. Following the birth of his first child in 1985, Sexsmith began writing his own songs and shortly after released the cassette “Out of the Duff” with fellow singer-songwriter Claudio. Sexsmith and family subsequently moved to Toronto, where the singer released the full-length cassette “There’s a Way” in 1986, produced by Kurt Swinghammer.

Following an open mic event, Sexsmith became aquatinted with Bob Wiseman who agreed to produced the singer’s next release. However, with incompatible schedules, the folk and pop singer’s album “Grand Opera Lane” wasn’t released until 1991. Independently released, the record produced the notable song “Speaking with the Angel”, and led Sexsmith to sign a deal to release his self-titled album in 1995. The full-length “Ron Sexsmith” was issued by Interscope/Warner in 1995, produced by Mitchell Froom and Daniel Lanois. Around this time the singer was praised for his songwriting accolades by Elvis Costello, and opened for the music star on his North American tour.

Sexsmith succeeded his self-titled release with “Other Songs” in 1997 and “Whereabouts” in 1999, after which the singer left Interscope/Warner and signed with Nettwerk Records. The full-length “Cobblestone Runway” arrived in October 2002 featuring Chris Martin on the bonus track “Gold in Them Hills”, after which he released the compilation album “Rarities” on Linus Entertainment. The 2004 album “Retriever” was a more pop influenced album and was dedicated to Elliott Smith and Johnny Cash, both of whom Sexsmith's music is indebted to. “Destination Unknown” followed in 2005 marked by its pure acoustic sound with fellow musician Donn Kerr, after which arrived “Time Being” in 2006, and “Exit Strategy of the Soul” in 2008.

The respected singer-songwriter’s 10th studio album, “Long Player Late Bloomer”,was produced by heavy metal producer Bob Rock, and issued in early 2011. In 2013 the full-length “Forever Endeavour” earned its release on Cooking Vinyl Records, followed two years later by “Carousel One”.

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