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Imperial Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May. 21, 2017

San Francisco, California based Mark Farina is an American DJ who specializes in house, acid jazz and down tempo songs.
Mark Farina was born on 25 March 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, and developed an interest in house music in 1988 when he met Derrick Carter at a record store. He started to experiment with songs that weren’t being played in the underground clubs, such as De La Soul and disco classics, while also playing with the “purist forms” of house music. Eventually he developed a trademark style known as Mushroom Jazz, which incorporates acid jazz with west coast jazz with a little bit of urban beats.

Farina started to gain a solid following, and started to play regularly together with Patty Ryan at a nightclub in San Francisco, California. Despite the fan following, the club that Ryan and Farina played nightly in had closed, leading to Farina releasing albums of his songs. The resulting records were a series entitled “Mushroom Jazz” which included a total of seven within the series. Farina also continued to travel internationally to perform his live sets for his fans; in fact, he has had some shows that have been known to go for eight hours. Farina has also been known to play multiple rooms in one club or party. Additionally, Farina also released twelve other records including both studio recorded and live recorded performances.

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