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Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May. 24, 2017

The Jesus and Mary Chain (formed in 1983) are an alternative rock band, from East Kilbride in Scotland. The band is mostly orientated around the brothers Jim and William Reid.
They became well known in their early days as a duo for the violence that started at their live shows and their short sets.

The brothers wanted to start a band after being inspired from groups such as the "Sex Pistols" and in the early 1980's they finally formed their own.

In 1985 the group played a gig at the North London Polytechnic in front of one of their largest crowds to date. This was a big example of the violence that followed their performances, after making the audience wait for over an hour and playing for less than 20 minutes, members of the crowd starting smashing up equipment on the stage.

The brothers went on to buy their own recording studio in 1991 in London, where they made their first new studio single "Reverence", giving them their first biggest hit single in five years.

In 2006 the band decided to split after a lot of tension between the brothers. After that William Reid went solo and released his first EP.

But in 2007 the group confirmed their reunion at a performance for Coachella. And then in 2012 the band went back on tour throughout North America.

For the groups 30th anniversary it was revealed that a discography vinyl box set would be released for them. And in March 2014 the band signed to Alan McGee for the second time.

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