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Fox Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May. 24, 2017

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, US, Woods is the psych-folk side project of Meneguar’s frontman Jeremy Earl, who have garnered their own fair share of critical acclaim.
Initially began as a solo project, Jeremy Earl started making music under the moniker of Woods in 2005. Woods aced as an opportunity to refresh Earl’s songwriting outside of Meneguar’s indie-rock fare, focusing on acoustic instrumentation and a lo-fi, psych-addled folk sound.

His debut release was the double-cassette “How to Survive In/In The Woods,” on Fuckittapes. Earl went on to record prolifically in the following years, releasing new music at regular intervals. In 2007, the 7” single, “Ram,” a second album in “At Rear House,” and the CD reissue of “How to Survive In/In The Woods,” were all released that same year, on Earl’s own label, Woodsist. “Family Creeps” followed the year after, signalling a change in sound and lineup after Earl expanded his solo project to include Jarvis Taveniere and G. Lucas Crane.

Woods’ fourth release appeared in 2009, titled “Songs of Shame,”an album that broke Woods into a larger audience after been selected by Pitchfork as ‘Best New Music.’ “At Echo Lake” was Woods’ next effort, that featured new member Kevin Morby on bass in 2010, with Earl and the boys not waiting long before unleashing their next collection of new material, “Sun and Shade” the next year.

With the added members, Woods moved from its gentle solo acoustic tone to a more electrified roots-rock reminiscent of Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Aaron Neveu joined on drums, providing extra rhythmic interest. In 2012, they joined with Amps for Christ on a split-LP, helping to build anticipation for their fifth full-length, “Bend Beyond,” which appeared later that same year. In 2014, Woods were back once again and “With Love and With Light” they were even more polished and refined than before.

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