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Venue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jun. 03, 2017

The Flatliners are a band hailing from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada who formed in 2002. Since debuting, they have released four studio albums and seven extended plays, and are generally considered to be one of the greatest Canadian punk bands of all time.
When it comes to punk rock, many bands consider their touring schedule as a badge of honour. The band that plays 250 dates in a year will always be more respected than the one that plays 249, and the one that plays 251... you get where I'm going with this. There are some bands, however, that have toured enough to set them for life in terms of punk rock kudos, and The Flatliners aren't just one of those bands, they're the band that inspired the bands who are like that. Coming together in 2002 with an average age of 14, the band hit the road almost immediately after they formed, making countless circuits of Canadian D.I.Y hardcore shows with only a single demo tape to their name. These shows and that demo, however, scored them a record deal with Stomp Records, who put out their debut album “Destroy To Create” in 2005.

The band had one final release on Stomp after it was reformed into Union Label Group, 2007's charmingly titled “Sleep Is For Bitches EP”, but soon afterwards they were snapped up by Fat Wreck Chords for the release of their second album, “The Great Awake”. However, the band wouldn't get out of the punk rock ghetto until 2010, with the release of their massively acclaimed third album “Cavalcade”, and ever since then, they've remained one of the most exciting and beloved punk acts in the world. However, the most exciting part of The Flatliners by a long shot, is the fact that 13 years into their career and the band are still playing with their original line up. Not to mention how they're all still in their mid-twenties with the best days of their career still ahead of them. There isn't a band alive that wouldn't kill to be in The Flatliners' position, and for that, they come highly recommended.

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