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B-Bin - 3093 Oak St Vancouver, BC V6H 2K8
Apr. 02, 2017

“Salary-men/women”, the world’s most fascinating and insane workforce in Japan will congregate April 2, 2017 at B-Bin located at W 15th Ave and Oak St. Hosted by Sake Lovers, Vancouverites will experience garden-fresh vegetables and eye-opening Japanese dishes that offer hints of Spring, paired with hand selected premier cold sakes, fit for a salary man/woman.
There will be a business formal dress code for this event. Please reference these images for the Salary-men: and salary-woman: look.
Why will we dress like Salary-men & Salary-women, you ask?
In Japan, April is synonymous with young men and women beginning their school year or full-time employment. Sake Lovers wishes to honor this long-standing tradition by dressing to impress in hopes that the future will bring a bevy of success and fulfillment.
With that in mind, Japanese have some casual ceremonies or parties with them to make them feel welcome in April - not to mention, the key to success is having drinks together, right?
[Side Note: Idealy the party should be conducted undernieth beautiful cherry blossom trees, but it's tough to make it happen inside of a venue... Let's see what we can do.]
Sake Selections:
1. Yu Junmai Namachozo - Locally Produced Sake In Vancouver
2. Kazeyo Mizuyo Hitoyo Junmai
and two more premium sakes
1. Japanese yam shooter mixed with Umami broth
2. Carpaccio with garden-fresh white fish directly shipped from Tsukiji market
3. Simmered Tsukiji white fish
4. All you can eat fresh nigiri sushi & rolls
5. Chef's favorite desserts
6. Japanese miso seafood soup
Special Guest: TBD
Our goal is to not only experience the salary man/woman, but to provide a chance for you to get acquainted with quality sakes, restaurants, and new friends who love Japanese cuisine and culture.
Tables are limited (only 35 participants accepted), so please make a reservation by filling out our booking form:
Thank you and hope to see you all there.
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We, Japanese Sake Lovers, are an awesome Japanese Rice Wine community for those keen on taking a peak inside the veiled world of Sake in Vancouver! We advocate and promote Japanese Sake by sharing its exquisite tasting experience and rich history.
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